Thursday, March 31, 2005

Don't People Have To Work Anymore?

Dude! WTF?????
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Maybe Dungeons & Dragons Wasn't So Bad

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I remember when geeks would just get pissed at each other and storm out of their mother's basement when D&D went wrong. Now they're stabbing each other.

Somebody give these guys a ball and make them go outside.

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Shanghai online game player stabbed to death a competitor who sold his cyber-sword, the China Daily said Wednesday, creating a dilemma in China where no law exists for the ownership of virtual weapons.

Qiu Chengwei, 41, stabbed competitor Zhu Caoyuan repeatedly in the chest after he was told Zhu had sold his "dragon saber," used in the popular online game, "Legend of Mir 3," the newspaper said a Shanghai court was told Tuesday.

"Legend of Mir 3" features heroes and villains, sorcerers and warriors, many of whom wield enormous swords.

Qiu and a friend jointly won their weapon last February, and lent it to Zhu who then sold it for 7,200 yuan (US$870), the newspaper said.

Qui went to the police to report the "theft" but was told the weapon was not real property protected by law.

"Zhu promised to hand over the cash but an angry Qui lost patience and attacked Zhu at his home, stabbing him in the left chest with great force and killing him," the court was told.

The newspaper did not specify the charge against Qiu but said he had given himself up to police and already pleaded guilty to "intentional injury."

No verdict has been announced.

More and more online gamers were seeking justice through the courts over stolen weapons and credits, the newspaper said.

"The armor and swords in games should be deemed as private property as players have to spend money and time for them," Wang Zongyu, an associate law professor at Beijing's Renmin University of China, was quoted as saying.

But other experts are calling for caution. "The 'assets' of one player could mean nothing to others as they are by nature just data created by game providers," a lawyer for a Shanghai-based Internet game company was quoted as saying.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Can you say hypocrite?

Image hosted by Tom Delay can! He led the charge for congress to get involved in the Schiavo case to re-insert the feeding tube. He forgot to tell us that he pulled the plug on his dad back in 1988.

It's time for someone to remind the Republicans that they stand for less government and they should stay the hell out of our lives.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The worst movie I've ever seen

Chu Chu and the Philly Flash, 1981 starring Carol Burnett. It was so bad I walked out. That was the only time I walked out on a movie, and I've sat through some crap.

I watched Jersey Girl this weekend, and while it wasn't great, it wasn't puking up lunch bad. Hey it had Live Tyler and the stapler guy from Office Space! That's a plus in my book.

If something worth living for is worth dying for what about something not worth dying for?

Indygirl's blog. Check it.

Michael Jackson Conspiracy Victim???

Declaring himself "completely innocent" of child molestation charges, Michael Jackson said Sunday that he is the victim of a conspiracy and asked fans around the world to pray for him.

In an interview with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the entertainer would not elaborate on his conspiracy belief, citing the court-imposed gag order that prevents him from discussing his trial in detail.

However, he said he believes he is just the latest of several "black luminaries" to be unjustly accused, citing former South African President Nelson Mandela and former heavyweight boxing champions Muhammad Ali and Jack Johnson as others.

How can we believe a guy who has done what he has done to his face and skin. He's a freak, and freaks do freaky stuff.


Friday, March 25, 2005

A guy has to pay for not having sex!

An Italian woman whose angry husband refused for 7 years to have sex with her was awarded divorce damages by Italy's high court this week.

Francesco launched his "sex strike" in the early 1990s to punish his wife, Piera, for taking sides against him in a family dispute over money, according to details of the case reported by local media.

They bitterly separated in 2000 and Francesco, still convinced that she was responsible for the broken marriage, refused to make support payments demanded by Italian courts and repeatedly appealed against them.

But the highest court ruled that Francesco's sexual punishment did not fit the crime, and doomed Piera to perpetual frustration.

"The refusal of affection or sexual attention must constitute the blame for the separation," the court ruled.

For Piera, "satisfaction in life (was) impossible ... along with fulfilment of marriage in its deepest sense."

Beyond support payments, Francesco must pay court costs of several thousand euros. First time a guy has to pay for not having sex!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

New Albums coming out in May

So far it looks like there will be new albums from Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Weezer, System of A Down, and maybe the White Stripes all in May.

It's going to be a jam-packed summer tour season with all of the above on the road and also Bruce Springsteen, Ozzfest, the Warped Tour, and U2.

Click here for more music news.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wyoming may ban facial jewelry for restaurant workers.

This is disgusting. Wyoming may ban facial jewelry for restaurant workers because people have been finding the jewlery in their food. INCLUDING TONGUE RINGS!!!!!!

Blech! I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Click here for the story.

New Bruce Springsteen Album

You can see the artwork for the new Springsteen Album here.

The album called Devils & Dust comes out on 4/26 and is NOT with the E Street band.

You can review this and other albums here.

Celebrity Obsession

Why are we Americans obsessed with celebrities?

We are, don't deny it. Look at the newsstand and see the 30 takes on Brad and Jennifer's every move. Watch TV and see Extra, Entertainment Tonight and all those other shows.

You watch Nick and Jessica, admit it. Ok, maybe you only watch the Ashlee Simpson show to see her get booed at that footbal game.

And by the way, does anyone really think Ashlee is Rock???

Why, why, why can't we turn away? It makes me want to rip out my eyeballs. Well, maybe not. But it pisses me off.

It sickens me, and I want an answer, damn it!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Green Day & My Chemical Romance

My tickets finally arrived. 3 tickets. General Admission. Floor. For Green Day and My Chemical Romance April 24th in Atlantic City.

I saw Green Day back in October and it was one of the best shows I've seen. The new album comes to life live and they played most of it.

I saw MCR at a club here in Jersey in November and they were also very good. They really crank it up and rock live.

It should be a great show!

Cheating in 12 year old's Basketball games

Ok, here's what happened in my super exciting weekend.

Friday night I coached my son's 5th & 6th grade basketball team in their second playoff game against the league's undefeated team. We lost. It wasn't for a lack of trying. We played them man to man when almost everybody else in the league plays the boring and no-skill-required 2-1-2 zone.

We held them to 2 points in the first quarter. Pretty strong play from my team on D. I could see the other coach was getting frustrated. He had told a friend of mine (another coach) "Nobody can play us man-to man" or something to that effect.

Anyway we ended up losing 28-8 because none of our shots were dropping we had at least 10-12 shots that were the kind that you're amazed when they don't go in the basket. Very frustrating, but hey it's a kids game and they all played great.

Meanwhile in the other gym on the other side of town the other games were taking place. Eveuidently there was a lot of excitement over there. They threw a parent out of the building for yelling at the refs. A guy who I know is mild mannered took a swing at another coach and there were coaches cheating by saying the best kid on the other team had more fouls than he did and trying to foul him out.

Nice huh?? What a bunch of jackasses.

This is why I will continue to coach. I'll never coach like that. Every kid on my team will play a lot. I'll play fair and try to win, but I'm not going to act like an asshole, especially infront of 12 year old kids. Great Parenting Douche Bags.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

White Castle Takes Over

I don't know if you have White Castle where you are, but they have been in New Jersey and other parts of the North East for a long time. I think they're the original "Mini-burgers".

They're pretty good tatsing and they magically become exceptional tasting after a night of drinking.

The only problem is that they're not like McDonalds, where there's one every five feet. They're pretty spread out. They become destination places for people from miles around.

Well they just opened one where I live in Roxbury New Jersey. The nearest other White Castle is about 30 miles away.

Now I enjoy a bag of White Castles as much as the next drunk, but here in Roxbury you can't get near the place. There's always a line. People are wating in the drive through line for an hour and a half!!!!

I can understand that people like this crap on a bun, it's quite tasty. But I'm not waiting and hour and a half for it. And the line is there from 10 am untill late into the night. EVERY FREAKIN DAY!

But what can youexpect from a town where you have to wait an hour to get a table at Fridays???

I wonder what would happen if a REAL restaurant ever opened in Roxbury?

Monday, March 07, 2005

What I'm listening to Right Now

1) American Idiot -- Green Day - Can't stop listening. Superb Album, an instant classic.
2) Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge -- My Chemical Romance - Gets better with every listen. Edgy, original, big riffs and big energy, plus great songwritting.
3) Sex, Love & Rock n Roll -- Social Distortion - So. Cal. Punkers are back and they're happy!
4) Red Light District -- Ludicris - Yeah it's a little angry and every other word is a curse, but I love it. I especially love his video for Get Back with the giant Popeye arms. Who doesn't feel like that from time to time.

Oh yeah click this Yeah That Rocks.

U2 --why why why??

Why is everyone so excited about U2? I think they peaked back in 1991 with Achtung Baby.

There's no way I'm paying $165 for a ticket to see these guys. I saw them a buch of times back inthe mid to late 80's and they were great. But I'd hate to ruin those memories with the crappy performance of their past 4 albums worth of crap.

Seriously, some bands don't know when to quit.

I'd rather pay $15 and go see My Chemical Romance, Armor for Sleep, and some other Jersey bands at the Starland Ballroom. I'm really liking some of the newer bands out there lately.

Don't forget to check out Yeah That Rocks.