Thursday, April 28, 2005

Here's one of my worst nightmares

Well, Here's Your Trouble Right Here, Sir...

Wed Apr 27,10:41 AM ET

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Doctors found around 50 maggots in the ears of an 84-year-old Thai man after he went to hospital complaining of an itch.

Wednesday's Nation newspaper said Anan Temtan, who lives in the tsunami-hit southern resort island of Phuket, had used cotton buds to relieve the itching, but had scratched so hard his eardrums ruptured and started bleeding.

'We believe flies might have gone inside his ears to lay eggs, which hatched into larvae and caused the itching,' said Somsak Nonthasri, the doctor who treated him.

Somsak, who used tweezers and a small suction device to remove the maggots, said Anan would be kept in for observation for a while to make sure no more eggs hatched."

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Freaks or Attention Whores? You decide.

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Lithuanian Freak/Attention Whores Arvydas (R) Gaiciunas and his sister Diana, seen here shortly before starting their world record attempt in Palanga, emerged from a block of ice after spening a totla of 63 hours and 31 minutes in deep freeze.

They beat Freak/Attention Whore David Blaine's prvious record for being in a block of ice.

What the hell is the point of this other than to get attention? Do these people somehow make money off of these stunts?? I don't get it.

New all-in one Sex Plaza

So now you can pick up some new sneakers, grab a double Latte and a Whore all at the same time. Wow those Hungarians sure now how to make things convienent!

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The Hungarian Interior Ministry looks set to allow prostitutes to tout for business in shopping malls, local media reported Tuesday.

The ministry is thinking of allowing dedicated shopping centers where prostitutes could strike deals for sex as long as they move to a place of their own to carry out the transaction, the daily Nepszabadsag said.

"There is nothing intrinsically wrong legally with an entertainment center without gratification," the newspaper quoted from a letter the ministry sent to the businessman who proposed to set up an "all-in-one" sex plaza.

Hungary allows local governments to set so-called "zones of patience" for the country's up to 20,000 prostitutes, but no municipality has done so yet.

Monday, April 11, 2005

What's wrong with kids today?

What's wrong with kids today??? Everyone knows it's not worth it to counterfeit anything smaller than a twenty!

School Kids Caught Counterfeiting Dollars

SEATTLE (Reuters) - A 12-year-old Seattle school student and his buddies were caught after counterfeiting $20 in one-dollar bills that were circulated among the students and used in the cafeteria to buy food, school officials said on Friday.

"On Monday, our lunchroom staff was counting the till at the end of the day and noticed that there was a dollar bill that looked a little bit different," said Seattle School District spokeswoman Patti Spencer.

The next day, a sixth-grade student who offered a fake dollar to buy beef jerky led school officials to a fellow sixth-grader who had made the money using a computer and a printer. Those two and another friend had also passed the counterfeit dollar bills onto other students.

The school's assistant principal notified the Seattle Police Department, which recovered eight of the counterfeit bills, said Seattle Police Department spokeswoman Deborah Brown.

Police are still investigating and will forward the results to a local prosecutor, Brown said.

The three boys received a stern lecture and were suspended for five days, Spencer said.

The U.S. Secret Service, which is responsible for investigating counterfeit crimes, said on its Web site that counterfeiting U.S. currency is a crime punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to 15 years, or both.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Gere exposes his secret

Now we know how he won Win, Lose Or Kick Ass!

With a little help from his friend.