Thursday, March 23, 2006

Freaky Hair, Porno Wine, Driving Dog and a Cyote in Central Park

Nice Hair Phil, ya freak!


Porno star Savanna Samson has produced the wine Sogno Uno which received a 91 (outstanding) rating from wine expert Robert Parker. Wow, what a combintaion. Earth shattering blow jobs and a good wine. She's a keeper!


I wish my dog was race car driver, but he's dumb as a bag of hammers.


I was watching the news last night with my 16 year old daughter and they had this story about how there was a cyote running around in Central Park in NYC. I said, "I wonder how he got there?" My daughter said, "He hopped, skipped and jumped." I though that was funny.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Neil Young is God of Rock

Neil Young is the only rock musician from the 60's that has continuously put out good music for the past 40 years. The Stones, Clapton and Tom Petty have all had their moments, but Neil takes chances all the time. He doesn't re-write Cinnamon Girl. He always suprises. He rocks harder than anyone out there, including the kids who are young enough to be his grandkids.

He is God.

You know it.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Try Microsoft's New Operating System, SatanRz

I'm kind of gald they've done away with all the pretense of the fancy code names.

Hot Topic is not Punk Rock

Courtesy of MC Lars:

Books about Evanescence (Are not punk rock)
Guns ‘n Roses watches (Are not punk rock)
Hello Kitty iPod cases (Are not punk rock)
Rob Zombie lunch boxes (Are not punk rock)
Slipknot binder paper (Is not punk rock)
Tinkerbell pillowcases (Are not punk rock)
Led Zeppelin air fresheners (Are not punk rock)
Tupac incense burners (Are not punk rock)

Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic) x4

Misfits candle tins (Are not punk rock)
ICP throw blankets (Are not punk rock)
Beaded Elvis curtains (Are not punk rock)
Talking Lambchop plush dolls (Are not punk rock)
AC DC hairclips (Are not punk rock)
Spongebob wristbands (Are not punk rock)
Sex Pistol boxer shorts (Are not punk rock)
Dischord back catalogue (Okay, maybe that’s punk rock)

Hot Topic is not punk rock! (Hot Topic) x4

Hot Topic is a contrived identification with youth subcultures to manufacture an anti-authoritarian identity and make millions. The $8 you paid for the Mudvayne poster would be better spent used to see your brother’s friend’s band.

DIY ethics are punk rock
Starting your own label is punk rock.
G.G. Allin was punk rock

But when a crass corporate vulture
Feeds on mass-consumer culture
This spending mommy’s money (Is not punk rock)

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Great Idea, Something I Want, Something I Fear

Here are the pics. You decide which is which.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Fall Out Boy Tries To Fly

I saw Fall Out Boy on SNL this week. These guys are total tools. It's obvious after hearing them live that they were completely processed and "Pro-Tooled" in the studio. The chunky guy whith the funny hat who sings was so far off key it made my dog cover his ears. The one guitarist was on an all out pose fest and played like shit.

Plus I hate their stupid hats that everyone wears now. LAME!

Here's a story about how they tried to be all cool and underground at a "secret" show at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Its from Punk

I normally don't like the way MTV handles news about it's top artists, but their tongue in cheek story about Fall Out Boy's "secret" club gig in NYC deserves a mention. Not only do the following quotes speak volumes about the music channel itself but also how underground music has become a major selling tool for a fashion and trend obsessed mainstream.

"by the time Fall Out took the tiny stage at the Knitting Factory on Friday, the excitement in the crowd was palpable (and the preteen screeches ear-splitting). Each and every raccoon-eyed girl and angular-haired guy in the audience believed that they were part of something underground, something that the cheerleaders and jocks had no idea was happening. Judging by the number of cell phones held aloft, the goal was to make those cheerleaders and jocks very jealous at school on Monday (or at least score some sweet pics for their blogs)."

"About the only un-slick, unscripted moment came at set's end, as Wentz climbed to the Knitting Factory's upper balcony and prepared to take a plunge into the waiting arms of the crowd. The only problem was the crowd didn't quite seem to know what to do, and as Wentz leapt, fans only sort of caught him, and he went "down, down" (hard) to the concrete floor... It was almost like he couldn't wait to read what the message boards were gonna say about it. And he was probably already formulating his response."

Of course no MTV news article would be complete without the metaphorical dick sucking of one of their top artists, but overall, it looks like the channel knows how disposible most "pop" artists are and isn't afraid to make snarky remarks about it.

Monday, March 06, 2006

What The Fuck Monday?

Eddie Fuckin Van Halen! What The Fuck??? I know you're old, but Ed the booze is really not helping you. You look like shit.


Dancing Gay Cowboys. What The Fuck???


Nice Ass, very nice actually. But aren't you freezing it off? What The Fuck???

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Maze Challenge

I could only get to level 3. How far can you get? Try it!

Click here

What's This Guy's Beef?

What's this guy against?

Is it 90's group TLC? I kind of liked that song "Waterfalls".

Is it Tender Loving Care? Yeah that kind of sucks.

Is it Terrorists Launching Cannolis? That sounds delicious.

What is it?