Monday, February 26, 2007

Jesus With His Family & The Plus Side of Global Warming

They've found Jesus' bone box. By they, of course, I mean Uber-Director Extrodinare James Cameron. I always thought Jim C. was cooler than Chuck Norris. And now it appears Jesus was buried with his wife and kids (I always knew the Davinci Code was Non-Fiction).

So now we can make some other cool assumptions about the J man. I bet he drove a Minivan with family stick figures on the back.


Here's the upside of global warming -- really cool new creatures! Hooray!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- Spindly orange sea stars, fan-finned ice fish and herds of roving sea cucumbers are among the exotic creatures spied off the Antarctic coast in an area formerly covered by ice, scientists reported Sunday.

This is the first time explorers have been able to catalog wildlife where two mammoth ice shelves used to extend for some 3,900 square miles over the Weddell Sea.

At least 5,000 years old, the ice shelves collapsed in two stages over the last dozen years. One crumbled 12 years ago and the other followed in 2002.

Global warming is seen as the culprit behind the ice shelves' demise, said Gauthier Chapelle of the Polar Foundation in Brussels.

"These kind of collapses are expected to happen more," he said. "What we're observing here is probably going to happen elsewhere around Antarctica."

Melting ice shelves are not expected to directly contribute much to global sea level rise, but glaciologists believe these vast swaths of ice act like dams to slow down glaciers as they move over the Antarctic land mass toward the coast. Without the ice shelves, glaciers may move over the water more quickly, and this would substantially add to rising seas.

Since 1974, 5,213 square miles of ice shelves have disintegrated in the Antarctic Peninsula.

But the collapse of the ice shelves gave the scientists a unique opportunity to see what had been hidden beneath them; before the collapse, researchers could only peer through holes drilled deep into the ice.

Chapelle and other scientists from 14 nations traveled to the area aboard the icebreaking vessel Polarstern in a 10-week voyage to investigate underwater wildlife along the Antarctic peninsula, the part of the southern continent that curves up toward South America.

Looking down 2,800 feet into the icy water -- a comparatively shallow depth -- they found fauna usually associated with seabeds about three times that deep, in places where the creatures must adapt to scarcity to survive.

There were blue ice fish, with dorsal fins like ribbed fans and blood that lacks red cells, an adaptation that makes the blood more fluid and easier to pump through the animal's body, conserving energy at low temperatures.

Long-limbed sea stars, some with more than the usual five appendages, mingled with the ice fish, and groups of sea cucumbers were observed moving together, all in one direction.

The explorers also found thick settlements of fast-growing animals called sea squirts, which look like gelatinous bags, which apparently started colonizing the area only after the ice shelves collapsed.

Among the hundreds of specimens collected, the scientists identified 15 possible new species of shrimp-like amphipods, and four possible new species of cnidarians, organisms related to coral, jellyfish and sea anemones, the scientists said in a statement.

These specimens will be analyzed to determine whether they in fact are newly discovered species.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I waited 16 years for this????

Here's a link to the alleged new Guns N Roses single.

Just click one of the icons in the "Listen to this blog" box on the upper left to hear the worst piece of crap I've ever heard. If it's real, it's over Axl.

I didn't expect it to be good....but this is horrible.

The Van Halen reunion tour with DLR (AKA the two old and increasingly ugly guys try to cash in while they can tour) supposedly is now on hold indefinitely ....

Has anyone else had it with these people who climb mountains, get stuck and then show up on TV morning shows talking about their "Brave" adventures? Sorry, if you get stuck climbing a mountain that's your problem, not ours.

I hate to see anyone get hurt or die, but when you're doing something that puts your life at risk, don't act like a hero when you survive.

There's a line between Brave and Stupid, and you're way on the stupid side. Brave is rushing into a burning building to save people. Stupid is climbing a giant mountain in the dead of winter.


Anyone wondering where I've been, story to come. It's not interesting or exciting. I've just been busy as hell. Hopefully I can get back to regular posting.