Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Things that don't suck

  • Superbowl Sunday
  • American Idiot (Green Day)
  • Sex, Love & Rock n Roll (Social Distortion)
  • My new sneakers (Etnies)
  • My dog who looks like Donkey from Shrek

Things that suck

  • Crappy lip-synched pop music
  • U2's ticket prices
  • The Bachlorette
  • New Jersey property taxes
  • Ice in my driveway
  • Tequilla

Ice can kill my head

Last night I was walking around my car and hit a ptch of ice. As my head smashed on the back of the car I was thinking, "Oh, no. I'm going out like Atkins." My head hurt and I was dizzy for a while last night, but I feel semi-ok today. I actually got up and went to the gym this AM.

Tequilla makes me forget and puke

Ok, so I got tickets to see Social Distortion at the Starland Ballroom her in Jersey. Small club, would have been great, but I forgot that I promised to DJ my friend's parents' 50th anniversary party. That sucks.

In other news, Tequilla makes me forget and puke.

On Saturday Angel and me took our sons to the Palisades Mall. It's one of these huge super malls with a ferris wheel inside. We went to Dave and Busters to eat. We figureded the kids (12 years old) could play in the arcade and the food's not horrible. So we had a few giant beers, ate and went in the arcade where the kids played, and we had some more beers.

Then we did the Nascar simulator. I'm not a Nascar fan, but it's fun to drive the cars.

Ok so we took the kids home then got a call from another friend of ours that he and his wife and another guy were at this local bar with a cover band, so we went there.

Well this other friend (Paul) starts handong me shots of tequilla. Not normal shots, but doubles in a whiskey glass. I asked Angel how many I had and he said probably three doubles and a single. Last thing I remember was dancing with Paul. The next thing I remember was puking in my bathroom.