Monday, March 12, 2007


I've had enough. Thank god we all survived the friggin time change. Every newscast for the past week and a half was telling me to put my clock back and how it was earlier, blah blah blah..

Then I had to listen to Matt Lauer cry about how he was all screwed up because of the time change and a flight from Cali...

Jeez, it's one stupid hour. Got to bed earlier or sleep later, I'm sure you'll survive.

How come people's lives are turned upside down by something stupid, but Genocide continues unchecked in Africa?

I hate newspeople, I hate the news. It's a mindless parade of mindless 30 second stories. Corporate America wants us distracted so we keep spending money...

1 comment:

Blonde said...

Funny thing...I forgot to set my clock ahead.

Matt Lauer is a tool.